April 18, 2015

Technology that Prods You to Take Action, Not Just Collect Data

The bookshelves in Natasha Dow Schüll’s office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are punctuated here and there Read more . . .

April 10, 2015

CDC to Preview Mobile ‘Ebola PPE Training’ App at HIMSS15

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch a free smartphone application powered by mobile health platform 22otters Read more . . .

January 10, 2015

The Commonwealth Fund: Innovating Care Delivery in the Safety Net

Quality Matters offers reports on emerging models and trends in health care quality improvement and interviews with leaders in the field. Read more . . .

November 19, 2014

App Helps Women With Breast Cancer Tell Their Stories

The HerStory app is a collection of short audio clips recorded by breast cancer patients to help with the coping process. Kiet Do (KPIX) has more . . .

November 9, 2014

HerStory offers breast cancer support through an app

The app, HerStory, is a free collection of anonymous voice recordings culled by technology from a San Mateo company called 22otters. Ron Leuty (SF Business Times) has more . . .

October 21, 2014

GW Physician Develops Social Network for Breast Cancer Patients

HerStory, a free mobile app, provides a safe place for women to share experiences and receive advice. Read more . . .

September 24, 2014

Virtual Health Coach for Medical Procedures from 22otters

At Opus Research’s recent Intelligent Assistants Conference, I ran into Ann Thyme-Gobbel and Charles Jankowski from 22otters. 22otters offers an interesting mobile app that provides a virtual health coach for patients preparing for a routine medical procedure. Read more . . .


We consider ourselves experts in getting the right clinical info to the right people at the right time. Collectively we have well over a hundred years of experience in mobile health, clinical content, software development, UI/UX, ASR, NLP and other more obscure but useful acronyms. We’re as eager to change how healthcare is done as we are capable of pulling it off.

But why call our mobile app 22otters? Well, we had settled on 20 but then 2 showed up who were too good to turn away. Seriously, though, what better name for our mobile health helpers? Otters are buoyant types—expert at staying afloat in rough water and calm. They work hard for the abalone but know how to have a good time, too. They seem like great role models for those of us trying to stay or get healthy! And so we are otters.

I founded Gamgee in late 2012 following six months as an EIR at Khosla Ventures. Prior to that, I was CTO at mobile health company Epocrates for eight years, and held software leadership posts at other startups and at IBM. Before moving to Silicon Valley, I was a Fellow at Harvard University, carrying out research related to the application of technology to healthcare.

Bob Quinn


I have been an ER doc and faculty at The George Washington University since 2003.  After getting the entrepreneurial bug from a couple of my own start-ups, I am excited to be a part of the 22otters team with a goal to offer insights from daily medical practice and help bridge the communication gap between clinicians and technologists.  I am also the sole Otter at the company’s DC office. My clinical shifts are at the GW Hospital ER, and I teach a summer course on mobile health on the GWU campus.  I have had experience implementing EMRs, launching telehealth programs, and conducting research related to the use and adoption of HIT by providers and patients.

I completed my Medical Degree at Washington University in St. Louis and my Emergency Medicine residency at GWU.

Dr. Neal Sikka


I joined the engineering team of Gamgee in July of 2013.  Prior to Gamgee, I served as a Director of Engineering at Epocrates for 7 years where my team and I designed and developed clinical content management systems.  I also served as a Principal Engineer at PTC and InPart Design Inc. where I designed and developed various content management products.  In addition, I presided as Senior Electrical Engineer at IBM where I designed and developed electrical testing software systems for next-generation digital chips.

I have a BS and Masters degree from RIT.  My  family is deep-rooted in the medical field which spans 2 generations of doctors, nurses, and social services.  I enjoy employing my technical experience in companies committed to improving the health and care of others.

Anthony Brittis

Principal Software Engineer

Ann Thyme-Gobbel

Senior Principal and Lead, User Experience & Design

I lead our work on designing and verifying the user experience for all our apps. We have an opportunity to create something special, to empower individuals around many health-related aspects of their lives. I’m thrilled to incorporate speech and language technologies to build easy-to-use apps with a meaningful purpose. For me, our work is also a way to address personal loss of friends to cancer.

I’ve been working in areas related to phonetics and speech recognition ever since getting my PhD in Cognitive Science and Linguistics from UC San Diego. As a Voice UI Designer and UX Researcher at Nuance, I established best practices and created many IVR user-centered designs. At Amazon and NST, I worked on creating multimodal mobile solutions and products.

I am responsible for the Speech Recognition and Natural Language capabilities of the 22otters offerings. I want to use these exciting technologies (which I’ve been working with since 1985!) to create immensely natural interfaces that Patients and Providers alike can use to get better Healthcare outcomes all-around.

I have Bachelor’s, Masters’, and Ph.D. degrees from MIT, all in Electrical Engineering. I was at Nuance for 13 1/2 years, where as Speech Scientist, Manager, and Director in Professional Services, I built Speech Recognition and Natural Language applications for Fortune 100 clients.

Charles Jankowski

Director, Speech and Natural Language

Vishal Kadakia

QA Manager

I am responsible for leading the QA efforts to ensure that 22Otters holds true to its vision of building high standard products that emphasizes improved and better patient care.

I joined the organization at the early stages with over 13+ years of QA experience, majority of which in the healthcare sector, knowing that I could influence and play a pivotal role in raising the bar towards the creation of a quality product from the very start. Having a knack for identifying small changes that make big impact, I believe not all tests are created equal and knowing what NOT to test matters just as much as knowing what to test. Working with the amazing team at 22Otters it feels like being a part of a team sport with each individual playing to their strength to achieve a common goal.

This isn’t just a job – It’s a game changer!!!

Wendy Chu

Mobile Developer

I am a senior software engineer with almost a decade of experience in transforming the healthcare industry using mobile technology.  I served as the technical lead for the iOS and Android mobile team at Epocrates, with experience ranging from building a top-notch healthcare tool on mobile platforms to managing clinical reference content. I joined 22otters to bring people closer to their clinical team and provide them a choice to lead a better, healthier life!

Cary Kirk

Clinical Content Director

I lead the content team in turning patient care instructions into engaging, interactive, and dynamic dialogues. It was my 12+ years of clinical and patient education editorial experience (Krames, UCSF) that allowed me to answer the call of the otters, and it’s exciting to be a part of the intersection of mobile technology and patient care. We truly believe we are helping to evolve the patient experience, and we’re having fun doing it.

Oliver Mullarney

Principal Software Engineer

I work on the server code and database, helping the content team and customizing our Clinic Dashboard for a variety of customer needs.

After 10 years in mobile healthcare at Epocrates, followed by some non-healthcare consulting work, I jumped at the opportunity to join 22otters – it is personally rewarding to develop solutions which will help improve people’s health.

Lucy Arnold

Product Manager

I work closely with customers and the engineering teams to ensure our products meet our high standards and our customers’ evolving needs.  New to the Bay Area, I previously worked in health policy research in Washington, D.C.  I’ve loved working in healthcare from a different angle and applying my experiences to technology development.

Jacqueline Koo

Content Producer

I help convert patient instructions into conversational dialogues, then create and edit that content on our CMS, and QA the content in-app. I’ve always had a passion for healthcare, but I was especially intrigued by the cross-section of health and technology and the world of start-ups. Through my work at 22otters, I have most enjoyed working with this amazing team to make a difference in people’s lives.

Joseph Hill

Visual Designer

I work in collaboration with content designers to produce the graphics and animations to supplement in-app dialogues. Experiences in designing medical illustrations and learning media brought me to the otters. Here I experience the daily enjoyment of solving our clients’ problems via visual designs. Novel, useful and fun is how I like to describe it.

Our Board of Directors includes Bob Quinn (CEO, Gamgee), Vinod Khosla (Founder, Khosla Ventures), and Paul Ricci (CEO, Nuance).


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