Float On Your Backstory

by: Bob Quinn 

What’s with the name 22otters?  That’s what everyone asks us. What do marine mammals have to do with using smartphones and tablets to deliver better healthcare?

OK, we admit- not much.  Though they do get their exercise and the world is literally their oyster, which they eat while bobbing on the waves and gazing at the pines on the Monterey peninsula. Nice life. And they are great role models for all of us wanting to help out our fellow mammals.

But imagine presenting in a hospital’s Boardroom… ‘Hi, we’re 22otters’.  Really?  How do we justify that and look professional?

Well we’re here to report that underlying the otters you’ll find big data in addition to big kelp.  We use data and analytics to predict and help remedy behaviors leading to health problems…. but we also leveraged data to pick our name.

Eh?  OK, we crowdsourced it.  We wanted a name that patients would find nearly impossible to forget.  So we played recordings of many names to loads of people online and asked them to type in as many as they remembered.  The otters won, paws down.

And since then we’ve been told repeatedly- yep, unforgettable.  Why?  We’re not sure, and after we’ve made more progress getting the word’s most engaging, speech-based mobile health coaching platform into millions of patients’ hands, we’ll apply ourselves to the question, and let you know. Oh, and why 22?  Our story (and we’re big on stories), is that we had decided on the nice, round 20 and then two swam up that we couldn’t turn away.

Anyway, expect us to get as much nautical pun mileage out of our choice as we can.  We’ll take it to the otter limits- just watch.  And listen, as well-  as we speak to patients, listen to them, and do just a bit to help them get and stay well.